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About Us

CryptoManufaktur was founded in 2020 to create an automated, secure Ethereum 2.0 (PoS) node deployment offering. The firm currently offers a variety of price feeds across the Chainlink ecosystem, with nodes running on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism and various other blockchains.

The firm is active in the broader Ethereum ecosystem. We publish the eth-docker tool for running Ethereum nodes, work with the Ethereum Foundation on test scenarios for the beacon chain, and work with Blox on their DV (Distributed Validator) project, currently active on Prater testnet.

The team consists of an entrepreneurial, nimble group of crypto natives with deep analytical skills and a diverse understanding of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and information security.

Thorsten Behrens
Thorsten Behrens

Thorsten founded CryptoManufaktur in late 2020 after recognizing the need for automated Ethereum 2.0 node deployments. His responsibilities include the implementation and design of the company’s architecture, along with the daily maintenance and implementation of the full spectrum of node infrastructure.

As a former systems engineer and senior tech consultant, Thorsten brings more than two decades of invaluable experience in information security, networking, and dev-ops.

Thorsten grew up in Munich, Germany, started his career near Glasgow, Scotland, and moved to Springfield, MA, where he currently resides.

Jake Weaver
Jake Weaver

Jake is the co-founder of CryptoManufaktur and is responsible for a variety of tasks across the business spectrum, ranging from financial management, business development and day-to-day operations.

After consulting for enterprise clients for over 8 years at Accenture, ake started and ran his own software development company, Codesigned, for over 10 years. He first became aware of Bitcoin in 2013, and in 2017, founded Binary Frontier, a digital asset management firm.

Jake is currently based in Atlanta, GA, where he became one of the largest Bitcoin miners in the city prior to the crypto market correction in 2017.