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Trusted Blockchain Infrastructure in a Trustless World
CryptoManufaktur provides technological consulting in the field of cryptocurrency, including authentication of cryptocurrency data using blockchain technology.

We run Chainlink nodes, which collect price feed data from multiple off-chain data sources, come to a median consensus with other node operators, and then place the resulting data on-chain. We’d be happy to work with you if you have a need to make off-chain data available on-chain.

The firm is founded on three core competencies which the team leverages across every facet of their work:
  • Use industry best practices such as 2FA, TLS and rootless containers to minimize risk.
  • Focused on projects with inherent key security, such as SSV (Secret Shared Validators).
Proven Track Record
  • Knowledgeable team with diverse experience across blockchain infrastructure landscape.
  • Operating Ethereum 2.0 (PoS) nodes since genesis on the Beacon Chain.
Client Focused
  • Nimble, focused team working alongside prominent industry participants.
  • Exceptional communication, 24/7 assistance, and a strong commitment to community engagement.
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